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Neti is a Thai filmmaker and political satirist from Bangkok, Thailand. He fled the country in 2010 because he was charged with the Lèse-majesté law in Thailand. That's the consequence of his satirical criticism of the Monarchy and the Military. After living in exile in neighbouring countries for seven years, he had to escape abducting and killing there. Then he travelled to London, the UK, in 2018 to seek asylum. Now he is residing in London.


When he lived in Bangkok, Thailand, since 1992, he directed many music videos for leading celebrities in Thailand and advertising films for many local and global brands. You can see his showreel at


Apart from telling stories with moving images, he is also fascinated by still photography. Mainly Black & White. He has been taking photographs as a severe enthusiast travel photographer since he started working as the music video director. Showing fine art photography is his long waiting intention.


However, as he had to flee the country, living in exile and hiding in neighbouring countries made him have no chance to do that. Showing photos to the public would make the Thai authority know his location. Until arriving, seeking asylum in London, the UK, he felt safe and free, with nothing to hide in somewhere anymore; he started showing his private collection of photographs on social media and continued taking street photos almost every day.


Some of his significant photographs from the most critical moment in his life are made and sold in limited editions.


Let's indulge in his photographs collections.

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